[TYPO3-english] Extending "New form element"

Stephan Schuler Stephan.Schuler at netlogix.de
Thu Mar 15 13:48:04 CET 2012

Hey there.

I would like to extend the "new form element" stuff.

In the first step, I need to add

* additional post processors
  Like email targets depending on the current frontend language parameter.

* additional "predefined fields"
  Like "apply for a job" which has to provide several fields such as professional experience, additional qualification or special interests.

Currently I want to add some JavaScript files that extend the "TYPO3.Form.Wizard.Elements.Predefined" ExtJS component. I would like to put them into my own extension and make the "sysext/form" backend wizard load them.

But I see no way to configure or extend the "tx_form_Controller_Wizard" class. It gets defined as well as instanciated in one single file with no hook and no "xclass".

And that's basically what all classes look: No xlcass, no hook and no ExtBase/objectManager->create that allows to define alternative implementations for some classes.

So my question is: How to extend the new form element?

Kind regards,

Stephan Schuler

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