[TYPO3-english] Multi-language rewriting/caching issues

Thomas Skierlo pubtsk1 at pix-pro.eu
Wed Mar 14 11:42:56 CET 2012

Hello again,

answering my own question. The details I noticed about caching are true, 
but the best solution can be found outsite of TYPO3. Some additional 
(conditional) redirects in the vhost, like http://example.com -> 
http://www.example.com -> http://www.example.com/ (Client browser seems 
to take care of that, but better make sure) -> 
http://www.example.com/en/ -> http://www.example.com/en/home/. For your 
redirects, keep in mind that you might see uncached pages (no-cache, nc 
- older threads from this list ignore nc). After this measures all 
caching is unique, and DC avoided. Check all typolinks for missing chash 
directive (Language switch, Logo switch). Site performance on my dev 
system increased by factor 6.

Important: After these changes you are dependent on realUrl. Don't 
switch it off in production. It might be possible to find a solution for 
that problem by not using 301's. Will investigate this further.



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