[TYPO3-english] Content Object FLUIDTEMPLATE :: usage of <f:translate> viewhelper possible?

Roland most.wanted at gmx.at
Mon Mar 12 09:44:35 CET 2012

hi benni,

>> can you use the<f:translate>  viewhelper in FLUIDTEMPLATE content objects?
> yes. why not?

thanks for your answer.

you were right - it works. i was unsure how to define the key attribute 


you have to use the whole path to the xml file all the time, don't you? 
would be cool if you could define the xml file as an attribute of the 
FLUIDTEMPLATE content object.

page.10 {
   file = fileadmin/templates/fluid/default.html
   partialRootPath = fileadmin/templates/fluid/partials/
   layoutRootPath = fileadmin/templates/fluid/layouts/
   locallangFile = fileadmin/templates/locallang/default.xml

and then use it like this:

<f:translate key="globalsearch.label.searchterm" />

do you agree? i could open a feature request - and try to implement it.

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