[TYPO3-english] Copy whole language content

Andreas Kiessling kiessling at pluspol.info
Mon Mar 12 09:06:28 CET 2012


Am 12.03.12 00:02, schrieb Rares Luca:
> Hi guys,
> Just wondering ... is there a quick and easy solution for copying the
> whole content of a website from one translation into another newly
> created language?
> For example if there is an English website, and already has German
> content, for German language. Now, a new "language" comes-up: Swiss. And
> the whole German content needs to be copied as Swiss content (and then,
> small touches will be done where needed).

You can do that with l10n_mgr

This will work for "a lot of content", but not all.

What you need to do: Export an xls file, copy the contents of the to be
translated language to the column for the translations and then import
the file again.

Please don't forget to set a really high max_execution_time time if you
have a lot of pages and contents.

The import first "localizes" the content, and then later on fills in the
data from the xls file in the new records. If the import dies before it
is finished, you end up with a lot of unfinished records. (So better try
this first on a copy of your site)

Additional notes:
- if you use Templavoila and NO inline translation, you can set a meta
flag in the DS so l10nmgr recognizes the the tt_content record as
localizable (should be in the l10nmgr documentation)
- it obviously works only for localizable records (so e.g. no tt_addres)
- it may not work for IRRE records, depending on the TCA setup
- labels from locallang(xml|xlf) need to be manually copied to the new

There is also the possibility to set up a content fallback-strategy,
I have not tried this myself, but i trust the authors to deliver a
nicely working extension ;)


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