[TYPO3-english] 2012 - suggestions for reorganisation TYPO3 community-communication

RDE Wiesbaden gr2 at ipw.net
Mon Mar 12 00:02:41 CET 2012

Christopher Stelmaszyk schrieb:
 > Hallo Gert,
 > was findest du warum schlecht und wie würdest du es verbessern?
 > Wir werden das Wiki innerhalb der nächsten Wochen (hoffentlich) an das neue
 > Design von typo3.org anpassen und müssen deshalb eh so einiges umbauen.
 > Jetzt ist der ideale Zeitpunkt, Verbesserungsvorschläge zu machen.
 > Das ist auch im Wiki ein Problem gewesen. Wir haben aber jeder Wiki-Seite
 > eine Kategorie hinzugefügt, die die Jahreszahl der letzten größeren
 > Überarbeitung enthält. So hat man da zumindest eine ungefähre Idee, wie
 > aktuell der Inhalt ist. Das Problem, dass Informationen veralten, können wir
 > nicht lösen.
 > Viele Grüße
 > Christopher

Hallo Christopher,

(1) I will try to answer in English as good as I can,
to share the ideas with others too.

It was not my intention to discuss little nice details of
future projects, we firstly need to discuss the common goal.

(2) Talking about the goal:

In the past 3 years, many busy list-members are lost.
I did compare the names from 2007/2008 to 2011 und many names
no more occure. With some I did mail privately, to listen why
the are leaving the list - means - no more share their
knowledge with others.

They are going to leave TYPO3 !!!!!

Talking about the reason was -
developers and community seem to be no more on the same boat.

(3) Comming back to the goal:

That means, working with TYPO3 and sharing the community must
be attractive, attractive for developers, programmers, designers,
senior professionals and newcomers as well as hobbyists.

So, Documentation, Knowledgebase and Wiki must be state of
the art. And because every "member" of the community knows
TYPO3, what is easier than to use this (our) product and
share the usability of our daily handling.

Why do we "must" learn filling a wiki. What advantages has
a wiki compared by TYPO3 ? It is totally different in use.
And its readability is worse. Putting pictures in or
graphs or diagrams is a mess.

I did try to work within wikipedia. I did stop it years ago.
I didnt find my own articles within the search - terrible.

My experience : I did write more than 10.000 pages myself !!
within 6 years. I am using one of the finest CMS on the world
called TYPO3 and I am very happy with it.

I am using the mnogosearch engine - wow, that is search power.

My visitors confirm week by week, that my pages surpassed all
other webs (from my kind) worldwide by readability and
overview and speed and lookout. My visitors are not forced
to read with pain in the back or pressure of time
or the boss or a customer in the neck. No, they voluntary
come and look and find and read and learn with pleasure.

I would like to share that over 5 years of experience.

(4) Comming back to the goal of an umbrella for TYPO3

We must respect the languages - ok TYPO3 can do this easily.
We must respect the personal sensitivities (mental states),

We must lure the TYPO3 members to meet and share under this
TYPO3 umbrella, may be with each ones Corporate Identity.
There mus be a benefit for an individual, not to serve
each ones (his) lonely little blog or some lonely pages.

(5) Now comming back to the wiki or whatever we will call it:

The readability is extreemly important. If you all read
blogs, you will find out, that really small (skinny) pages
will be found very often.

That has a mostly unwritten scientific reason. I did write
these facts on this page (sorry, its in German) :


I describe, why skinny pages are much better readable than
extreemly wide ones. And thats not my knowledge, it is 40
years old typewriters knowledge.

So if the new common TYPO3 Knowledge platform (I mean the
umbrella) is attractive, I think many single home blogers
will use it instead of distinguish oneself on (their own)
unknown blogs.

Let us open a small page within a (brainstorm-2012.typo3.org)
subdomain and collect all these ideas. We are not in a
hury (short timely manner), but we should not dealy this
to 2013.

I beleave, currently this is more important than to hatchel
for 4.7. or 5.x or 6.x. or . . . . .

best regards
Gert Redlich / Wiesbaden / Germany

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