[TYPO3-english] browsebox in indexed_search still not working

Stephan Bernhard grac at gmx.ch
Fri Mar 9 08:30:26 CET 2012

@ patrick, and @ all from the core-"team"

On 08.03.2012 15:40, Patrick Schriner wrote:
>>> In my experience, the most frequent cause is: Two search boxes (e.g. on
>>> the right, and above the content) - and the submit fails miserably (or
>>> behaves strangely), due to a clash of IDs.
>> what do you suggest?
> Usually I use different templates and they use different IDs and classes
> (inconvenient, I know).
> In more extrem cases I have used Javascript to transfer variables /
> submit the other form.

so my questions remain:

- why is an old EXT which isn't conform with CSS and HTML rules still 
part of the CORE code of 4.5, which has the label "LongTermSupport"?

- why would i first have to find out what's wrong and then be forced to 
change manually what is supposed to work out-of-the-box?

- and why is there no notice about the not-functionning of the browsebox?


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