[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 6.0 at the corner? How is it possible

Boris Hinzer webmaster at web-vision.de
Thu Mar 8 21:27:59 CET 2012

On 2012-03-08 16:45:41 +0000, François Suter said:

> Hi Markus,
>> I've honestly never read the proposed duties for the Product Board,
> Maybe you should ;-) Better read about it now than complain later.
>> but the name directs me more towards decisions than public relations.
> It is indeed meant as a decision-making body, but the way I see it will 
> need to interact strongly with the community in order to fulfill its 
> role. Otherwise we'll be stuck with the same shortcomings we have now. 
> I'm hopeful and I think we have learned a lot from the current "riot" 
> (which was foreseeable IMO and the volcano really needed to erupt at 
> some point, which is rather healthy even if unpleasant).
> Cheers

IMHO the product board would be a good step ahead in the rigtht 
directions, but it's missing a mandatory component - the view from the 
other side.

Right now there are mostly developers talking to the "inner circle", 
what is missing is the community part. So I would suggest to have some 
sort of TYPO3 expert group which should have the same amount of people 
of different kind of T3A (paying) members. These members should also 
get elected and should show a wide range from TYPO3 agencies and 
freelancers. They should give advise to the developers what the 
customers (small to big to global players) want in their favorite TYPO3 

This could / should lead to the situation that planned developments 
aren't build just because of developers choice (because it's hip or 
feels doing it would be nice to have).
Once features / features requests are accepted, the product board AND 
by the expert group could make a targetting request to show if there 
really is a need for this certain feature.

Additonally these features could get crowd funded, by publishing the 
accepted feature(s) to all T3A members and using a global plattform 
like kickstarter.
This would lead to another option to show even people which are not 
directy connected to TYPO3 that there is a CMS with enterprise 
features, where they can participate even with money against features.



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