[TYPO3-english] Mount Points and RealUrl

Pablo Feldman pablofeldman90 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 17:22:06 CET 2012

*I'm using RealUrl and Mount Points*
When I try to get into a page, Real Url gives me the url of the mounted
page, and no the url of the page with the mount point


--- Page
------ Page with Mount Pont 1
------ Page with Mount Pont 2
------ Page with Mount Pont 3
--- Storage Folder
------ Mount Point Page 1
------ Mount Point Page 2
------ Mount Point Page 3

I think that a url, for example, of the page 'Page with Mount Pont 1'
 should be 'http://HOST/page/page-with-mount-point-1'
But the url I'm getting is 'http://HOST/storage-folder/mount-point-page-1'

Does any chance to get it working?

Thanks in advance

*Tec. Pablo Feldman*
*Web Developer*

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