[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 6.0 at the corner? How is it possible

Jacco van der Post jacco at id-internetservices.com
Thu Mar 8 10:41:38 CET 2012

Op 8-3-2012 10:34, Philipp Gampe schreef:

> TYPO3 6.0 is supposed to be a new name for TYPO3 4.8. And 4.5 LTS will be
> maintained as announced.

Yea that really makes sense for clients.

> That is why we skip v5.


> OK and now have a look at
> https://www.google.com/trends/?q=typo3,+drupal,+joomla,+wordpress,
> +cms&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=0

I am not impressed, should I?

grtz Jacco

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