[TYPO3-english] browsebox in indexed_search still not working

Stephan Bernhard grac at gmx.ch
Wed Mar 7 08:50:42 CET 2012

hi list

here is the symptom:
when the number of search results exceeds 10, there is a browsebox 
(normal behavior).

but: the link to the other pages doesn't work with indexed_search 
(version 2.12.0, sysext of TYPO3 4.5.10, 4.5.11 and 4.5.12).

it only shows href="#" which means the first page of a website.


i also tried the EXT "accessible_is_browse_results" (version 1.2.1)

with this EXT the links seem to be generated as desired, but the link to 
the second page leads to the first page.

example: (word1 + word2 = search)

i have searched in the forums and detected that all the recommended 
patches are integrated in version 2.12.0.
but why does the browsebox still not work?

thanks for any hint and help

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