[TYPO3-english] Failover and/or load balancing

Kay Strobach typo3 at kay-strobach.de
Wed Mar 7 08:37:33 CET 2012


there many possibilities.

You may describe your screnario more in detail:

1. Are the servers located in the same computing centre?
2. Do you have a reverse proxy (highly recommend)
3. Is your database redundant?
4. How to you ensure, that the files in /fileadmin, typo3conf/ and
uploads are consistent (nfs, rsync)?
5. do you have a third central publication server?


Am 07.03.2012 00:05, schrieb Koji Yanagisawa:
> Dear Typo3sters,
> Has anyone implemented either failover or load balancing (and consider failover sort of done) in terms of web server?  Not so much the database part, but I'm wondering if, say, 2 web servers can have each its own typo3temp?  Do you just DNS round robin it (point www.blah.com to 2 IPs)?  Or do you CNAME www.blah.com to like www1.blah.com and www2.blah.com?
> Thanks,
> --Koji

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