[TYPO3-english] CoolURI and non-admins

Daniel Lundsgaard Skovenborg waldeinburg at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 21:27:44 CET 2012


Modifying $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['EXT']['extList'] did not work (and I
remembered to clear cache).
It works after I put the following in ext_localconf.php:
  require_once t3lib_extMgm::extPath($_EXTKEY) . 'class.tx_abdwnlcooluri.php';
Would you regard this a hack, or is it the usual way to apply custom
functions in CoolURI?


2012/3/5 Jan Bednarik <info at bednarik.org>
> Hi,
> so definitely the bug is in your code ;)
> I don't know in what order TYPO3 includes extension classes, maybe the order of extList defined in localconf.php? Try to put your extension before cooluri.
> Or put require/include into localconf, so the class would be defined.
> Jan
> Dne 5.3.2012 16:18, Daniel Lundsgaard Skovenborg napsal(a):
>> Hi Jan,
>> I use TYPO3 4.5.11 and CoolURI 1.0.28 and ordinary HMENU's.
>> But I just came closer to the source of the problem:
>> In short: In my setup, I use a userfunc from a class from an extension I've
>> written. When not logged in and cache has not just been cleared, the
>> extension is loaded *after* links are translated.
>> The details:
>> I have written an extension with some functions for the setup, including
>> one which is used instead of tx_cooluri::getPageTitle. That is, in my
>> pagepath element I have:
>> <userfunc>tx_abdwnlcooluri->getPageTitleOrDownload</userfunc>.
>> It turns out that if the admin clears all cache, then URL's will be
>> generated next time a page is visited. But only for *one* page visit. For
>> example:
>>    1. Admin deletes link cache and clears TYPO3 cache.
>>    2. User visits front page. Main menu URL's are generated.
>>    3. User clicks an item in the main menu to visit a page. URL's for
>>    subpages are *not *generated.
>>    4. Admin clears TYPO3 cache.
>>    5. User refreshes page. URL's for subpages are now generated.
>> At stage 3 the following turns up in the PHP error log:
>> Core: Error handler (FE): PHP Warning: call_user_func() expects parameter 1
>> to be a valid callback, class 'tx_abdwnlcooluri' not found in
>> .../typo3conf/ext/cooluri/cooluri/link.Functions.php line 320
>> Indeed, a call to error_log before the class declaration shows that that my
>> extension is loaded *after* the link translation.
>> What to do now?
>> Regards,
>> Daniel
>> 2012/3/3 Jan Bednarik<info at bednarik.org>
>>> Well, CoolUri links are generated whenever typolink function calls certain
>>> page. So if you don't have standard structure with menus and stuff, then
>>> links are not generated. Meaning, if you create a page and you don't have
>>> any link to this page, then URL won't be generated.
>>> Jan
>>> Dne 2.3.2012 21:09, Daniel Lundsgaard Skovenborg napsal(a):
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Is CoolURI supposed to generate URL's only when an logged in admin user
>>>> visits a page? At least, that is what I'm experiencing, and it means that
>>>> if an ordinary BE-user creates a page, the menu item links to the root of
>>>> the website until an admin user visits the site.
>>>> Furthermore, it means that if I press "Delete everything and start again"
>>>> I'll have to visit every page on the site that have subpages so that URL's
>>>> are generated. I could create a crawler, but I will not waste my time on
>>>> that if I have just missed something in the configuration.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Daniel Lundsgaard Skovenborg
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