[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 6.0 at the corner? How is it possible

Tonix (Antonio Nati) tonix at interazioni.it
Mon Mar 5 19:49:14 CET 2012

Il 05/03/2012 19:20, Oliver Hader ha scritto:
> Hey Tonix,
> Am 05.03.12 19:11, schrieb Tonix (Antonio Nati):
>> Il 05/03/2012 18:49, Kay Strobach ha scritto:
>>> Hi,
>>>> So please, keep TYPO3 away from FLOW3, make your PHOENIX/FLOW3 CMS and
>>>> we'll stay all happy.
>>> Can't agree here, have you ever used EXT:extension_builder to build an
>>> extbase / fluid extension? - It saves a lot of time ;)
>> I've installed first kit of flow3, seen how it suggested to put HTML
>> inside code, than admired how it breaks any teaming with graphics.
>> If you FLOW3 guys like that so much that, why don't you make a fork and
>> leave us with standard TYPO3, which makes us make complex analisys and
>> team integration?
> You are not forced to use FLOW3 or TYPO3 Phoenix/5.0 - if you are fine
> with TYPO3 v4, cool! If you want to use modern principles of software
> development, use Extbase/Fluid. If you're keen on futuristic technology,
> you could use FLOW3.

I'm not against modern principles, I'm against wrong principles, 
whenever you may call them (new or old).

I spend not 5 minutes, but two days, installing FLOW3 and following the 
beginners guide published with it (I don't remember the right name, sorry).

After having seen the way it works, I had a lot of doubs.
Given the fact I'm an old elephant, used to huge developments projects, 
I've bought the book 'Domain-Driven Design' by Eric Evans, in order to 
understand where I was wrong and be enlighted on DDD.

SO I discovered I'm doing DDD since 30 years, and DDD model has been 
totally misunderstood in FLOW3.
DDD deals with analisys, not with strict coding. Making DDD coding is a 
no sense. It is not a short cut for making DDD analysis.

More, FLOW3 just breaks completely any cohoperative effort between the 
graphics team and the coders team.

So, personally, I see it a big error, and I kindly ask to keep FLOW far 
from TYPO3.



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