[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 6.0 at the corner? How is it possible

Steffen Ritter steffen.ritter at typo3.org
Mon Mar 5 18:54:30 CET 2012

Am 05.03.2012 18:49, schrieb Kay Strobach:
> What i do really hate on that discussion is the fact, of leaving a
> number out. Why not changing to Ubuntu style of release numbers, this
> would be a very clear step, without confusion:
> 	e.g. Release        12.04
> 	     BugFix Release 12.04.1

We will do it like that

Major Feature Release   6.0.0
Bugfix/Security Release 6.0.1
Minor Feature Release   6.1.0 (as we do know)
Bugfix/Security Release 6.1.1

The only thing which changes, that we allow us to use the first digit, 
if we think the features have diverged enough from the last major 
version that it feels valid (so this time from 4.0)

The only thing is that we forever skip 5.x as to many expectations, 
screenshots and concepts, wishes and promives are around for such a 
version, which the current "v4 branch" just never could fulfill and 
therefore would confuse every one.



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