[TYPO3-english] Charset troubles with DAM

Braulio J. Solano-Rojas braulio at solsoft.biz
Fri Mar 2 17:26:42 CET 2012


I have a site that is using the DAM extension.  The site is using UTF-8 
and we have [SYS][UTF8filesystem] = 1.  The site was on a FreeBSD box. 
Everything was working fine.  Now we have migrated the site to a 
GNU/Linux and media files with accents on the name do not work anymore. 
  For instance, it is not possible to generate a thumbnail for a file 
name bébé.jpg, neither it is possible to display it on the frontend.

Do you know a workaround without renaming all files with accents?

Best regards,


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