[TYPO3-dev] The extbase dilemma

Xavier Perseguers xavier at typo3.org
Wed May 18 15:02:43 CEST 2011


>> For me, the most prominent purpose of Extbase is to let people learn
>> Domain-Driven Design and the associated FLOW3 paradigms in a known
>> environment, and to gain real-world experiences with these techniques.
> It seems that this is the problem: people do not use Extbase for the
> intended purpose (to learn DDD). They use Extbase to create extensions.
> The purpose does not match the use. Sounds humorous but that's what we
> have.

Oups! I did not want to answer right away but I must now :-) If Extbase 
is really just a playground framework to learn DDD and make a mental 
switch towards v5 then:

- It should be advertised but most probably not distributed with Core
- System extensions should not use it either but use a "real" DDD 
framework (you said FLOW3? argh! It's not compatible)

[Devil's advocate]
Well, seems like Extbase does not make sense if it should only be used 
for a mental transition and it already became far too complicated for 
such a "simple" objective.
[/Devil's advocate]

We (Core team and the community in general with early adopters) chose to 
use it as the new extension framework, meant at replacing pi_base 
framework over the long run and paving the way for v5 with as few 
changes to be made to extension as possible to "port" them on FLOW3, 
just as we (once) wanted to have a smooth transition from v4 to v5 websites.

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