[TYPO3-announce] Announcing TYPO3 4.2.3

Ingo Renner ingo at typo3.org
Tue Nov 11 05:25:47 CET 2008

Dear TYPO3 users,

TYPO3 version 4.2.3 is ready for download. It is a maintenance release
of version 4.2 and therefore contains only bugfixes.

For details about the release, see:

MD5 checksums:
1ef40abae217f2bf8e1a72f76ad41206  dummy-4.2.3.tar.gz
b947dfd5738b8807ae95396521a4fe05  dummy-4.2.3.zip
50a60a1ebf3f3d62b6618cb01e18eed9  typo3_src-4.2.3.tar.gz
f1dd3410a66fd43f77bf8cd9ab1bc8a7  typo3_src-4.2.3.zip
711b042e7ae9b9f8b24e0cee21de03b1  typo3_src+dummy-4.2.3.zip


Ingo Renner
TYPO3 Core Developer, Release Manager TYPO3 4.2

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