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Wed Jan 11 15:28:46 CET 2017

Needless to say, that our server is up and running well when this happens. This problems are not reproducable outside the customers network.
Inside his network, they are not reproducable with an iMac. This seems to be related to his windows (domain?) settings and the local script processing.

I will ask my customer to use the browsers developer tools to analyze the script results. However, he himself will not be able to analyze the data. It will be lot of work, to instruct him to save the protocols and to send it to me.
So my major questions are:
1. Does anybody know this problem and can give a hint to solve it?
2. Are there NEOS (backend) System requirements for the client site? (browser configuration, user environment, memory management, security settings)
3. Is there a way to automaticly collect debug information for the browsers script processing (ie. a log file)?

Any help is appreciated.
Best regards

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