[Neos] Development Master with new site package

David Spiola typo3mailinglist at webandco.com
Tue Mar 31 20:24:33 CEST 2015

Hi everybody,

we try to get an dev environment running based on the current master (2.0.0). Our approach is to start from scratch with a new site package. Unfortunately be face doctrine errors in the setup process -> create new site package (even the demo site package does not work):

Uncaught exception #1300360480: Error: During import an exception occurred: "An exception occurred while executing 'DELETE FROM typo3_typo3cr_domain_model_nodedimension WHERE nodedata IN (   SELECT persistence_object_identifier FROM typo3_typo3cr_domain_model_nodedata   WHERE identifier = :identifier   AND workspace = :workspace   AND dimensionshash = :dimensionsHash )’:

Does someone has the same problems or has an working solution?

regards from Vienna,

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