[Neos] Problem with editing content element

Visay Keo visay.keo at typo3.org
Thu Mar 26 03:27:19 CET 2015

Hi Dima,

You can allow/disallow tags in your text property setting:

             'p': FALSE
             'h1': TRUE
             'h2': TRUE
             'h3': TRUE
             'removeFormat': TRUE
             'a': TRUE

So you can define it separately in your Text, Text&Image or 
AnotherElement node type as you need. If you those node type shared the 
same/similar aloha setting, you can create an abstract node type or yaml 
alias to not repeat your config.


On 25 មិនា 2015 16:57, Dima Doronenko wrote:
> Hi,all
> I need a help.I have simple "Text" content element which works and I can
> use tags h2, h3, etc in editor.
> But when I add Text&Image or another content element with text, I
> cannot  use  h2, h3 tags, they change into "Remove formatting" but
> "bold' or "italic type" still work in editor.
> Thanks

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