[Neos] Dimensionmenu: get dimension value in viewHelper

Robotic-Brain neos at roboticbrain.de
Fri Mar 13 14:05:53 CET 2015

Thank you, that did the trick :)

the "f:debug" didn't work for me earlier for no obvious reason...
Now I tried it again with a clean version and it worked :)
maybe I messed something up accidentally...

I also tried looking at the code, however in a totally wrong place 

(Note to self: "Do NOT try to solve problems, when tired")

Best Regards

Am 12.03.2015 08:19, schrieb Dmitri Pisarev:
> Hello (Robotic-Brain?),
> I don't know the answer to your question directly, but you can always 
> put
> <f:debug>{item}</f:debug> within the loop and see everything which is 
> in
> {item}.
> Another (my favourite) way is to look at the source code of
> DimensionsMenuImplementations:
> $item = array(
> 'node' => $nodeInOtherDimension,
> 'state' => $this->calculateItemState($nodeInOtherDimension),
> 'label' => $presetConfiguration['label'],
> 'presetName' => $presetName,
> 'preset' => $presetConfiguration
> );
> So maybe {item.presetName} would work?
> Regards,
> Dmitri

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