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Visay Keo visay.keo at typo3.org
Tue Mar 10 12:29:24 CET 2015

Hi Jean,

> I understood how to realize mainMenu.html,
> but I wish the second level is in this mainMenu.hrml ...
> I know how to do with TYPO3 CMS,
> but I do not know how to do with NEOS .

Yes, the second level menu is rendered in the same template as the main 
menu for the demo site 

If you define multiple levels from TypoScript, that means you pass a 
collection of menu together with its sub level to the MainMenu.html (not 
one level to one template). Then in MainMenu.html, you can render the 
way you want (from there you can separate file into partials if you want 
to split). For demo site case:

<f:section name="itemList"> (line 4) render the first level
<f:section name="subList"> (line 33) render the second level

> In the demo, the secondLevelMenu is located below the main menu ... I
> want to use the Bootstrap CSS ("dropdown-toggle", "dropdown menu" etc
> ..) to obtain a menu like on the site:

There is condition in the first level loop to check if the menu has 
subpages, then render the second level. You can also use this condition 
to set needed classes on your menu item in the first level like 


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