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Mon Jan 12 18:13:08 CET 2015

The common way in CMS (in case of using extbase) is to write your own model with its own methods, views, helpers, services and persistence to add some feature to CMS. There is no "node", that makes - even if not intended - most CMS projects very domain specialized. If CMS lacks a feature i write a package which i can develop separately and use it in other projects with the same domain/purpose.

As i see it (dont get me wrong, i dont KNOW it for sure, i can only tell what i have been reading and so on) the common workflow in Neos is different. That thought makes it hard for me to migrate my workflow and mindset to Neos...

A migration documentation for integrators, to really get started with common real world applications and exampleds, would be a big help i think. Is there something like this?

Like: In CMS you did this - In Neos you may use that:

But to go back to the very question of this thread: Will the day come when we SHOULD chose Neos over CMS? When CMS will be legacy and more effort is put into Neos?

I would like to start with Neos but not if its not clear that Neos will "take over".

I hope i could make myself clear.

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