[Neos] Link to root page

Robert Lemke robert at typo3.org
Fri Jan 30 00:06:13 CET 2015


> On 29 Jan 2015, at 23:02, sim_co <sim_co at gazeta.pl> wrote:
> I just started my adventure with TYPO3 NEOS.
> I'm trying to link an image to root (home) page.
> Finally I have done it, but is there simpler solution?
> Root.ts2:
> ..
>     homeLink = ${q(node).parents().last().property('_path')}
> Default.html
> <neos:link.node node="{parts.homeLink -> f:format.raw()}"> IMAGE </neos:link.node>

The easiest way is probably to specify the node path directly:

	<neos:link.node node="/sites/neosdemotypo3org"> IMAGE </neos:link.node>

Alternatively you can specify the node object instead of the path:

	 homeLink = ${q(node).find('/sites/neosdemotypo3org').get()}


	<neos:link.node node="{homeLink}"> IMAGE </neos:link.node>

Or simply

	<neos:link.node node="{site}"> IMAGE </neos:link.node>

I didn't test any of these examples (too late here ...), so please give a quick feedback which one worked out for you.


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