[Neos] how to specify the order of typo3-flow front end plugin actions called on a neos page?

Calgacus map Brude calgach at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 21:14:02 CET 2015

I have a page defined in Neos which has several front end plugins on it. I need plugin X to get called (its action run) before plugin Y. How can I specify that? Thanks

PS: the reason I need this is because Plugin X adds some variables (filter options for searching) to the session eg $this->session->putData('filters',$filters) which will be used by plugin Y if they are present eg $filters = $this->session->getData('filters'). Currently plugin Y runs first and so the session variables are not there to be used yet.

Maybe what I want to do is not possible and the plugin needs to be redesigned but before I go that route I'd like to know for sure.

(question first asked at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28118548/how-to-specify-the-order-of-typo3-flow-front-end-plugin-actions-called-on-a-neos )

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