[Neos] Label translation in yaml file

Sokly Phal sokly at web-essentials.asia
Tue Jan 13 09:10:46 CET 2015

Hi list,

I found the solution now. I did it as the following:

- In my custom ContactForm.yaml file, I removed the 'label' key and only 
keep the 'identifier' setting

	identifier: 'email'

- In my custom Field.html file, I use <f:translate> viewhelper to render 
the translation

	<f:translate id="{element.identifier}" package="My.SitePackage">

- And just add my translation text in Main.xlf file for all field identifier

	<trans-unit id="email">
		<source>Email address</source>

Hope this helps others too.


On 13 មករា 2015 10:03, Sokly Phal wrote:
> Hi list,
> I want to translate label of contact form in my ContactForm.yaml.
> Anyone know how to do it, please kindly to help me?
> Thanks,
> Sokly

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