[Neos] [Neos 1.2] Installation problem: are virtual hosts necessary?

Jim Heckler james.heckler at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 22:42:18 CET 2015


I'm having an issue installing Neos 1.2 on a remote server. I don't have direct access to the server configuration files and have been told by the sysop that any changes made to the httpd file will be overwritten by cPanel, which is running on that server. Thus, I don't think I have any way to set up a virtual host on this server. Is this absolutely necessary and might there be a work around?

On a related note, I tried setting up a test installation on my own PC running xampp. Here, I do have the ability to set up a virtual host but I am running on Win7 and am curious about the loopback step described here: http://neos.typo3.org/develop/download.html. It says "Add an entry to /etc/hosts: neos.demo" however this is for a unix system. Can anyone tell me where the analogous location would be on a windows-based apache server? I've read that installation on Windows is not optimal but I don't have access to a linux box at the moment.



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