[Neos] Exception #1391806394: Image resource file could not be found

Michael Schams typo3.lists at 2015.trash.schams.net
Sun Apr 5 07:27:03 CEST 2015

On Sat, 2015-04-04 at 19:28 +0200, Jean Claude wrote:

> I had the same problem last night and I just re install  :)

Hi Jean, hi Neos experts.

Yeah, same with my cloned server(s). I can drop the faulty instance and
re-install Neos from scratch on the server. Then, everything is working
again (this proves at least that it must be a Neos, not a server issue).

However, re-installing does not solve my problem :-)

My concept is to set up a Neos instance, delete everything that is not
required (especially temp files, flush cache, etc.), then shut down the
server, clone the server image and start the cloned image as a new
(second) server.

When I do exactly this, I get the exception on the cloned machine :-(

There must be something I am doing (temp files, cache, create a new user
with admin role, etc.) that causes this. That's why I wonder, if there
are any files/folders in "Data/" or "Web/_Resources/", which must not be
removed - or, how can I figure out which "image resource file" Neos is
trying to load (and can't find)?


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