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Chris Tete tetechris20 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 18 12:20:34 CEST 2014

Hello ben van't ende,

                                Thanks for your reply, from what you have explain is seems as though CMS Africa is concentrating her activities particularly in the east of Africa. My Country is in west Africa. Particularly our interest is work specifically with the Neos community since it is part of my responsibility as a 2014 GSOCer with #TYPO3 to ensure that I stay useful to the community.

Chris Nuvadga

On Thursday, September 18, 2014 3:06 AM, ben van 't ende <ben.vantende at typo3.org> wrote:

Heyla all and Chris,

This seems like a great opportunity and we should take advantage of the offer.
One of the things we talked about earlier is setting up cooler camps or coding
events. The KDE guys had there conference in Jamaica a while back and there is
something like: https://www.codeonthebeach.com/

We do have ties with Africa. Beginning of this year I went to CMS Africa in
Nairobi and I looseley mantain some ties with people in Kenya and Uganda. It is
still in the back of my head to organise workshops over there. The guys from CMS
Africa are also doing a tech tour. They did one already and in November on in
Rwanda. They just inform me that CMS AFRICA SUMMIT will be on March 5-6 next
year. Again in Nairobi.

I would like to see something like that a combination of workshops and coding.
If we can make that cool and atrractive to developers and have cheap flights we
might raise the funding for that.

....and yes I would also like to see Neos spread beyond our usual circles.

gRTz ben

On 18/09/14 10:16, Rasmus Skjoldan wrote:
> Hi Chris
> Great that you write!
> About a year ago, I was looking for contacts in Africa but only found a North
> European agency who had put up an office in Nigeria.
> Back then, we were talking about how other needs than European and North
> American could possibly influence the product development of Neos. But the
> specific contact I found a year ago were looking for concrete business (with a
> budget) in order to help me out.
> I'm still quite interested in exploring other needs than what we typically meet
> - also because we would love to see Neos spread beyond our usual circles. I know
> you're asking for more specific development training here but maybe that could
> be combined with research?
> I'm personally very much up for investigating this further.
> If there are are devs who are up for it, we could look into the specifics of a
> trip maybe. I will try to talk to some of the other guys about it.
> Best. Rasmus
> Rasmus Skjoldan
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> On 18/09/2014, at 09.00, Chris Tete <tetechris20 at yahoo.com
> <mailto:tetechris20 at yahoo.com>> wrote:
>> Hello Neos,
>>                     I wish to request the community to consider Cameroon for a
>> Boot camp Training Program on Neos Technologies and TYPO related products.
>> Fellow developers in my community, suggested me to approach the TYPO Neos
>> community for the Boot camp program.
>> I strongly feel that training with you would provide developers in our
>> community the best exposure the neos development platform and it would provide
>> us an opportunity to fully contribute in the community.
>> Thanks
>> Chris Nuvadga
>> University of Buea
>> Cameroon
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