[Neos] Getting your Blog on..

Marcin Ryzycki marcin at ryzycki.com
Thu Sep 11 17:15:58 CEST 2014

Hi Willem,

I've built my first Neos website with blog functionality http://m12.io.

The full source code of the site package is available here, it might 
give you some insight how some things might be done:

It's actually based on a forked RobertLemke.Plugin.Blog, which you'll 
among defined dependencies:

Hope it helps a bit.

PS. It works with Neos 1.1

Willem Botha wrote:
> Greetings all, I have a theory question, maybe a implementation
> question, that I am batteling with and was wondering if someone could
> help me solve the way I would go about resolving it. Let me set the stage.
> since a couple of weeks I have started using Neos, and am activly trying
> my best to Programm in Neos. Currently I have a small starter project to
> do, due at the end of the Month, and am stuck on on one part of it. Let
> me describe the Site a bit:
> The site contains mainly static content, that describes a couple of
> Products. Other than the occasional update, nothing much will be
> happening here. This is rather easy to solve with Neos as it is100%
> geard toward this. The tricky part comes in the section on the site that
> has a type of Magazine. Let's call it a Blog, that will be getting
> updated with new articles regularly. Now these articles will be
> ellaborating on some of the Products, creating a link to some of the
> Products etc. Nothing really special here I think. My gut feeling
> however tells me that creating a new article every week or so will soon
> become rather insufficiant. As the navigation tree will expand
> exponetially, and eventually not be really usable.
> My solution is nothing new, the typical Article section that takes Blog
> posts, list them from new to old, with a basic search function, and a
> possibility to place a teaser box with the latest artcle (xsmall
> teaser), and last 3 articles (xx-small teaser) somewhere in the Site.
> The first mental block I am getting is that I have no clue how to
> publish content in Neos if it does not have a Navigation tree, or place.
> Secondly I am still trying to figure out how to write TypoScript to go
> and get content that is on a fixed Node, and Last but not least part,
> how to Prototype a working Template for the Teaser Box.
> In theory I am not sure 100% how to do it, and after many failed attempt
> to get a grip on Neos with the Docs, I thought maybe I could ask here
> for some help. In return I would love to do a Tutorial on doing this, as
> I think many people out there need this type of basic functionallity.
> Maybe it is allready makeable in standard Neos, I really don't know, but
> before I start with Rocket Sceince, I thought I could get some input
> from the more experienced people here and then share my solution ;)
> Any input will be greatly appreciated. Greetings from Germany
> Adesso

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