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Willem Botha adesso21 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 11:21:31 CEST 2014

Greetings all, 
I have a theory question, maybe a implementation question,  that I am batteling with and was wondering if someone could help me solve the way I would go about resolving it. Let me set the stage. 

since a couple of weeks I have started using Neos, and am activly trying my best to Programm in Neos. Currently I have a small starter project to do, due at the end of the Month, and am stuck on on one part of it. Let me describe the Site a bit:

The site contains mainly static content, that describes a couple of Products. Other than the occasional update, nothing much will be happening here. This is rather easy to solve with Neos as it is100% geard toward this. The tricky part comes in the section on the site that has a type of Magazine. Let's call it a Blog, that will be getting updated with new articles regularly. Now these articles will be ellaborating on some of the Products, creating a link to some of the Products etc. Nothing really special here I think. My gut feeling however tells me that creating a new article every week or so will soon become rather insufficiant. As the navigation tree will expand exponetially, and eventually not be really usable.

My solution is nothing new, the typical Article section that takes Blog posts, list them from new to old, with a basic search function, and a possibility to place a teaser box with the latest artcle (xsmall teaser), and last 3 articles (xx-small teaser) somewhere in the Site.

The first mental block I am getting is that I have no clue how to publish content in Neos if it does not have a Navigation tree, or place. Secondly I am still trying to figure out how to write TypoScript to go and get content that is on a fixed Node, and Last but not least part, how to Prototype a working Template for the Teaser Box. 

In theory I am not sure 100% how to do it, and after many failed attempt to get a grip on Neos with the Docs, I thought maybe I could ask here for some help. In return I would love to do a Tutorial on doing this, as I think many people out there need this type of basic functionallity. 

Maybe it is allready makeable in standard Neos, I really don't know, but before I start with Rocket Sceince, I thought I could get some input from the more experienced people here and then share my solution ;) 

Any input will be greatly appreciated. 
Greetings from Germany
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