[Neos] [Announce] TYPO3 Neos 1.1.2

nikos nick at jamalade.com
Tue Sep 2 22:11:46 CEST 2014

Hi all

I thought I'd give the 1.1.2 release a try straight away but have come up with a bit bit of show stopper, at least for me.
A lot of the content on the site I am working on is contained in a Section nodetype defined in NodeTypes.yaml.
Since the upgrade no content eg text, headlines .. within Section nodetypes are editable inline.
The content can be selected from the navigator tree but the content is greyed out.

I would think the problem is something to do with my configuration but I can't see what I am doing wrong, I hope someone can help me please.

In NodeTypes.yaml I have (btw all spacing is correctly indented):

   superTypes: ['TYPO3.Neos:Content']
     label: 'Section'
     group: 'structure'
           label: 'options'
           position: 5
       type: 'TYPO3.Neos:ContentCollection'
       type: string
         label: 'Title'
         reloadIfChanged: TRUE
           group: 'options'

I have typoscript as follows:

prototype(Reroot.RerootSiteCom:Section) < prototype(TYPO3.Neos:Content) {

         attributes.id = ${q(node).property('title')}

	column0 = TYPO3.Neos:ContentCollection {
	   nodePath = 'column0'


and typoscript template:

<section {attributes -> f:format.raw()}>
	{column0 -> f:format.raw()}

I guess I've got something wrong in the above but can't see it for the life of me, as other content not contained in Sections can be edited!
Thanks for your help.

Warm regards


On 02/09/2014 14:47, Karsten Dambekalns wrote:
> Hi all,
> we just released version 1.1.2 which includes a fix for the file upload regression of 1.1.1.
> On top of that it includes quite some more changes. You can read all about the included changes at [1].
> Regards,
> Karsten
> [1] http://docs.typo3.org/neos/TYPO3NeosDocumentation/1.1/Appendixes/ChangeLogs/112.html

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