[Neos] Meeting from 28.11.2014 - 11:00

Bastian Waidelich bastian at typo3.org
Fri Nov 28 11:44:57 CET 2014

Meeting from 28.11.2014 - 11:00


✔ Reviews
✔ Discussed FE-Login (NEOS-433) cache fixes with Christopher
	➜ Add tests, fine-tune
☠ Found new issues with CSRF token (AOP for recursive calls)
➜ Discuss and push fixes


✔ Reviews
✔ Fixed bug with media management


✔ did some reviews / merges today
➜ more of that


✔/➜ reviews
☠/➜ updating customer project to 1.2  beta for testing


✔ Monday - Wednesday: Neos Coaching
✔ several bugfixes and reviews
➜ more reviews, probably continue working on CSS path rewriting
☠ need to spend reasonable amount of time catching up with emails and stuff
♫ organised a sponsored Slack team account for TYPO3
➜ will create story for solving transliteration


☠ Experienced nasty issues with old images 
✔ Continued working on node clean command 
✔ Improved and fixes several issues with new login dialog
✔ Prepared Twitter campaign for 1.2
➜ Push login dialog improvements
➜ Fix image issues


✔  Finished Google Analytics integration feature-wise 
➜ Create a screencast on how to get the Analytics integration running 
for others to help review it
➜ Help out with reviews

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