[Neos] Meeting from 26.11.2014 - 11:00

Bastian Waidelich bastian at typo3.org
Wed Nov 26 11:30:52 CET 2014

Meeting from 26.11.2014 - 11:00


✔ some small reviews in between
➜ Cleanup/Finish node privileges change


✔ pushed fixes for the broken Neos error handling, remaining review:
ⓘ Pending reviews:
  “Add safeguards to user management module”: https://review.typo3.org/34401
➜ Push follow-up for “Allow privilege evaluation for arbitrary roles” 
➜ Continue with FE login (cleanup, finetuning, testing)


✔ posted Google Analytics screenshot everyone loves


✔ debugged funny stuff 
✔ reviewed and tweaked history change(s)
✔ some small reviews in between
☠ had another meeting
➜ some more stuff
⚖ today / tomorrow a bit of other tasks due to twin birthday tomorrow ;)

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