[Neos] Role of Typo3 CMS/NEOS going forward

Ernesto Baschny eb at cron.eu
Mon Nov 24 21:32:09 CET 2014

Dominique Feyer schrieb am 20.11.2014 17:17:

> My 2 cents regarding "Tesseract like" package for Neos.
> Neos core support with TypoScript2 and EEL more or less all the features of Tesseract
> (abstraction to select content, list, paginate, display, …). That’s
one of the key
> feature of Neos, being able to work with structured content, without
spending time
> on a low level coding language and database configuration. In Neos
it’s a matter
> of configuration, define your NodeType (basically you data schema),
push some
> TS2 and Fluid template and you can display, filter, search your
> content without touching PHP.

Just to put some outside perspective here what came to my mind when
reading this (and also my 2 cents). I think last phase is exactly what
might scare people (not me, of course...) ;)

People in general have not problem in touching "PHP", "SQL" or even
"HTML". But they *will* get stuck or be scared if required to touch
unknown technologies like Yaml, TypoScript2, EEL, FlowQuery, a "content
repository", Fluid etc. And let's face it: Flow/Neos introduced a *lot*
of new technology.

Since those technologies are a fundamental part of what Neos is, to
tackle a higher adoption on Neos, I imagine that there will be a need of
more "automated wizards" able to generate all the "good sh*t" that is
required for this fancy technologies to shine without the "regular user"
ever knowing what TypoScript2/EEL/Yaml etc is. Let the integrator "kick
start" his "News Records" using some tool. The whole world of Neos is
then open to "everyone" and the pros with Jedi-power can still use the
full flexibility by customizing the generated stuff.

With flexibility comes complexity. Reduce the complexity to it's essence
by hiding it. After having tackling the editors experience so well (and
still on going), I think the "regular integrator" deserves some
usability improvements too for more "out of the box" experience.


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