[Neos] Meeting from 20.11.2014 - 11:00

Bastian Waidelich bastian at typo3.org
Thu Nov 20 11:26:32 CET 2014

Meeting from 20.11.2014 - 11:00


✔/♫ Merged open ACL changes for Flow (New privilege evaluation, Entity 
privilege target)
✔ Wrote lots of behat tests for node privileges
➜ Finish behat tests for node privileges and fix bugs
➜ Find a solution for node properties not stored as properties (e.g. 
hidden, etc.) <- “internal properties”


✔ Discussed node tree concepts with Rasmus
✔ Fixed a couple of regression bugs (resources/translated UI)
✔ Wrote abstract for Inspiring Conference
✔ Did some 1.2 reviews
✔ Fixed a bug and improve the NodeTypeEdtior 
☠ Found nasty error in Memcached https://review.typo3.org/#/c/34337/
⚖ no risk, no fun


✔ ACL reviews, tweaks, discussions
✔ First WIP of FE-login (NEOS-433) https://review.typo3.org/34347
☠ basically works, but still some caching issues
➜ investigate, adjust


☠ Struggled longer than anticipated with the node moving bug, discovered 
a very nasty scenario that doesn’t work 
✔ Fixed the node moving bug that Aske and me discovered
➜ Also fix the very nasty scenario
➜ Continue with Analytics


✔ finished up the ImageEditor implementation
✔ fixed arbitrary bugs
✔ celebrated the resource management merg
➜ that’s the big question


➜ resume work on user interface localisation


✔ resource management reviews
✔ pushed some fixes
✔ reviews on 1.2 changes
➜ review SEO changes
➜ review UI l10n changes
➜ some planning/coordination on UI l10n


✔/➜ discuss  SEO changes
✔ created TYPO3.Neos.Seo
✔ moved SEO changes into TYPO3.Neos.Seo
☠ issues with local machine
➜ rendering sitemap.xml


✔ Resource Gedöns
♫ Merged the resource epic!!!
➜ reviews / UAT

Bastian Waidelich

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