[Neos] Meeting Notes from 12.11.2014 -- 11:00

Sebastian Kurfürst sebastian at typo3.org
Wed Nov 12 11:24:29 CET 2014

    Meeting from 12.11.2014 - 11:00


✔ Updated the 1.2 board, went through stories and bug reports

➜ send some infos on what’s missing for the beta release (approx 5-6
changes which block the release)


✔ Merged routing related performance improvements in review (NEOS-673)

✔ Fix for improved link handling (NEOS-564) still needs reviews

✔ Reviewed Flow ACL changes (FLOW-11)

☠ Blocked by a bug in our code migration system (FLOW-110)

➜ fix

➜ merge Flow ACL changes


✔ read through updated ACL docs

✔ did UI prototype for displaying History, discussed with Robert,
Daniel, Christian

✔/➜ add behat tests for History

➜ History Events for Domain Models (Account, User)


✔/➜ working on neos references (for website)

➜ discuss neos.typo3.org website today

☠ neos.typo3.org is slow… (server issue?)


✔ got connection to Google Analytics working

✔ Inspector shows some numbers from GA

➜ fix lots of details

☠ authorization of custom controllers (BE auth token) -- TODO discuss
with Bastian

☠ routing issues -- TODO discuss with Bastian


✔ reviewed resource management patches

✔ fixed blank spots for Resource Management; Flow part is nice; test a
few migrations

➜ surprise day, let’s see what happens today :)


✔ discussed and creating SEO stories

➜ discuss stories with Daniel

➜ start implementing SEO


✔ merged grunt tasks

➜ help Henjo with localization



➜ talk, talk, talk :)


➜ Dashboard design sketches and concept (NEOS-620)

➜ Bridge UI between dashboard (NEOS-620) and Google Analytics tab in

ⓘ Trying to figure out how to show user that some of what is shown in
the inspector is global.

⚖ Writing blog post about dashboard ideas

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