[Neos] Provide an AJAX version of the page

Aske Ertmann aske at moc.net
Sat Nov 1 10:21:27 CET 2014

Hey Silvan

In TypoScript you can access query parameters with {request.arguments.ajax} e.g., which you can use in various forms of conditions to achieve your goal.


> On 15 Oct 2014, at 22:24, Silvan Mühlemann <silvan at muehlemann.com> wrote:
> Having a lot of experience with Drupal and Zend Framework I am using Neos to build a new site. Now I am stuck at some place.
> I am building a site which should serve the same content in two versions:
> * For mobile devices I need a full html page with head, body, linked CSS etc.
> * For Desktop devices the content should be loaded via AJAX (via jQuery.load()). This means I need a different page layout - no header, just the plain markup.
> In other frameworks I woud call the page with an additional query parameter (e.g. /thepage.html?ajax=1) which would tell the framework to serve only the content and disable the layout. 
> How can I achieve this with Neos? - Basically I want to choose the layout using a query parameter.
> Thanks a lot for your ideas
> Silvan
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