[Neos] Problem with RSS and URLs for each item from Neos plugin view

Pavlina Drosos pavlinadrosos at gmail.com
Sat Mar 22 08:55:16 CET 2014

Hi guys!

I have a Flow package - My.Event (the events are Doctrine entities),
integrated as plugin inside Neos. The events listing is defined as plugin,
which is inserted into a Neos page, and the single event's details is a
plugin view, which is inserted into another Neos page.

I need to make RSS for the events. The URL to my RSS action, which is in
My.Event package, is inside the events listing plugin.
I use the Robert Lemke's RSS plugin and it works, but I have a problem,
when I try to generate the URLs for each event's details page.

I have this code:

$uriBuilder = new UriBuilder();

$uri = $uriBuilder->uriFor('detail', array('event' => $event), 'Event',

and there's an exception on the last line:

Uncaught exception #1301610453 in line 354 of
Could not resolve a route and its corresponding URI for the given
parameters. This may be due to referring to a not existing package /
controller / action while building a link or URI. Refer to log and check
the backtrace for more details.

The full exception information can be seen here:

AFAIK Neos does some magic with the URLs of the plugins and I don't know
how to make this working and to get the URL to each single event inside
Neos. I think that I can't use own Request handler, because I need the URL
of the single event as Neos plugin view.

Do you have any idea how should this be solved?

Thank you in advance!

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