[Neos] 'Creation of node types not supported so far' on importing (deploying) a Site XML

Adrian Föder adrian at foeder.de
Tue Mar 11 18:00:57 CET 2014

Hey guys,

currently when importing the site on the server, atm i.e. deploying it, 
I run into the "Creation of node types not possible yet" error [1]. 
Since I wonder why I havent's got this earlier (it shouldn't be the 
first first node I am trying to establish via an import), is there any 

Thanks and best!


	public function createNodeType($nodeTypeName) {
		throw new \TYPO3\TYPO3CR\Exception('Creation of node types not 
supported so far; tried to create "' . $nodeTypeName . '".', 1316449432);

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