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Andreas Förthner andreas.foerthner at netlogix.de
Tue Mar 4 15:50:25 CET 2014

Hi Adrian,

I will be at Bastian¹s place this weekend to kickstart the whole thing.
Probably after that we will have some more concrete ideas about what will
be done how and when by whom ;-) Stay tuned, we will for sure write
something about the results/plans here.

Greets Andi

Am 04.03.14 15:44 schrieb "Adrian Föder" unter <adrian at foeder.de>:

>Interesting, in a customer project we might need exactly such a thing,
>in particular for `arbitrary entities` as you mentioned.
>Is there a protocol or an issue or something already written; and, is
>there, maybe, the chance to somehow boost that since our client wanted
>an offer anyway?
>Am 21.02.2014 18:04, schrieb Bastian Waidelich:
>> Hi all,
>> Together with Andi, Christopher, Rens and Aske we collected some ideas
>> how to implement flexible Access Control Lists for Neos.
>> This covers protection of files, nodes, node properties, node types and
>> arbitrary entities.
>> I think we came up with some neat ideas, but before this is ready to be
>> communicated & planned, I'd like to briefly (< 1 hour) discuss the
>> approach with some more people.
>> Please fill out the doodle if you're interested:
>> http://doodle.com/9uegu7spq8vh2xar  (everyone is welcome to join of
>> course).
>> Best & happy weekend!
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