[Neos] Neos 1.1: Preview images from Media Management missing in backend and frontend

Christian Glass mail at christianglass.de
Fri Jun 27 21:54:40 CEST 2014

Hi folks!

I have a fresh installed Neos 1.1 within a shared hosting environment.

The directory tree ist set up as follows:

   /path/to/htdocs/  <-- This is my WebRoot

I copied the contents of



and adjusted a line from .htaccess to:

SetEnv FLOW_ROOTPATH /path/to/TYPO3-Neos-1.1/

After uploading some images (*.jpg and *.png) with Neos backend's Media 
Management, I encounter the preview images not being displayed.

Here is a screenshot: http://imgur.com/sk4wEGT

In the Webserver's log I get an error like this for every single 
uploaded image:

[Fri Jun 27 20:04:57 2014] [error] [client XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX] File does 
not exist: 
referer: http://www.example.com/neos/management/media

I reported this issue six month ago, but there was no answer ever 


The images itself are missing on the homepage (frontend) as well- 
instead, there is a placeholder displayed?

What needs to be done to fix this missing preview images issue in my 
installation variant?

regards, Chris

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