[Neos] Image content node and animated gifs?

Stefan Reichelt eichelt at web.de
Sat Jun 14 11:18:33 CEST 2014

Hello Lorenz,

thanks for the quick reply an nice work for your first answer. :D

I already have a custom fluid template in image prototype (I tested
removing/replacing some of the div-containers that are around content
nodes and are used in backend only) and could successfully use your
suggestions in there. Although I used {image.originalImage} instead of
{node.properties.image.originalImage}. As far as I understand it both
variables should be the same.

Of course this solutions isn't particularly applicable. I suppose I
could create a custom viewhelper for rendering images in which, if they
don't have a width or height given in the node properties, the original
file should be used. Or something like that. Anyway, cheers!

Although, just to be sure, does anybody know why animated gifs won't
work out of the box? Why does Neos.Media (I think?) always create a copy
of the selected image even if the dimensions are the same?
Or did I do something wrong maybe?

Kind regards

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