[Neos] Neos Project and my requirements

Simon Schaufelberger (Schaufi) simonschaufi at guugelmail.de
Wed Jul 30 02:12:12 CEST 2014

Hey community,
I am just I the process of planning a big neos project and I have some 
requirements for it which I'm not yet sure if Neos fits to my needs 
(still thinking if I should better use wordpress or another system):

1. Forms. I know there is a form package available but as it looks, you 
have to code every form, is that right? I need a form editor for 
editors. They need to be able to add fields without any coder. I have seen:
- https://github.com/lelesys/Lelesys.Plugin.ContactForm
- https://git.typo3.org/Packages/TYPO3.FormBuilder.git

Does anybody have some experience with them? Do they work with the 
latest Neos version?

2. Newsletter. I think this is the only resource which is available for now:
- https://github.com/lelesys/Lelesys.Plugin.Newsletter
But compared to direct_mail a lot of things are still missing like 
subscribing to categories (recipient lists), double opt in and opt out.

3. Posting to Facebook/Twitter. Thanks to this package:
- https://github.com/hybridNeo/Rahul.SocialConnect
It is currently being implemented! Yeah!

4. Events (Holiday trips, ...) with registration. Something like "cal" 
for Neos. Is there something available yet?

5. Contact person. No Plugin required here, just "global content 
elements" (something like widgets in wordpress). I want to select a 
contact person for a topic (in our case it will probably be a page). 
This box will contain a picture and contact info. I just want to select 
the name in a dropdown and have the box in my sidebar for example. I 
know I have to create a node type for this but how can I make the 
address data available globally? A "content slide" (display the same 
content on sub pages as well without entering the data again) for sub 
pages would also be really cool!

6. Protected (login) area. Is this currently possible? I have not yet 
found a place to assign access groups to pages.

7. Picture gallery. Lots and lots of pictures. Handling them in/with the 
media browser would be a nightmare. Are there good solutions available? 
Tags are good but I want something like "YAG" with galleries, albums and 

8. TypoScript 2. I need things like reading UserAgent, Referrer... (like 
t3lib_div::getIndpEnv in CMS) for rendering different output for 
different browsers. In TYPO3 CMS I would write:

[browser = msie]
   # TypoScript Code for users of Internet Explorer.
   # TypoScript Code for users of other browsers.

Is that also possible in Neos? Maybe with EEL? Only found this: 

I think Forms would be the most important thing as we need a lot of 
them. All other things can be *coded during the project by myself* if 
nobody else has some code.

IMPORTANT: I don't mean I need everything made by others. I want to make 
it clear that I will also contribute packages to the community if they 
are not yet available (just need some help from the core team here and 

Hope to get some feedback!
Regards, Schaufi

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