[Neos] Neos JavaScript Refactoring Work RFC

Bastian Waidelich bastian at typo3.org
Fri Jul 18 12:59:34 CEST 2014

Sebastian Kurfürst wrote:

> Hey my fellow team members,

Hi fellow Kurfürst! ;)

> While I could do Neos projects (and I'd certainly like to!), I also
> thought that it would be a good point in time to do some refactorings on
> the TYPO3 Neos core [...]

Oh yes!

>    * JavaScript / Backend Communication (REST Service Cleanups, ...)

Awesome, lets join forces on the backend part!

>    * reworking content editing, getting rid of additional layers such as
>      create.


>    * general code reviews of bigger features

I got some for you ;)

>    * What do you think of that idea in general?

I think it's splendid!

>    * What topics would you like most / what did I miss?

Personally I think stability (and a better user experience in case of 
errors) is still the major issue of Neos and I assume that you're 
planning to address this with the JavaScript refactoring.
Clients I worked with are already used to press F5 and/or execute "rm 
-rf Data/Temporary" on a regular basis - a bad sign IMO ;)

One common scenario:
Neos session is expired, so the AJAX request gets a 403 but only shows 
some cryptic error. When reloading the page the login is shown and 
redirects the browser to the AJAX request that has been intercepted, 
leading to another cryptic output ;)

Bastian Waidelich

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