[Neos] FYI: Summary of todays "Technical Meeting"

Carsten Bleicker carsten at bleicker.de
Tue Jul 15 19:59:03 CEST 2014

Reading this i have a different idea maybe.
Why not directly adding a OneToMany instead of a
simple DateTime property and attach. A modeling wich could later be used
do act as a versioning info?
so for example for the first approach it could be

			// Simple DateTime
			protected $dateTime
			// Bitmask (created = 0, editet = 1, published = 2)
			protected $type

			// account info
			protected $account
			// for later features to act as versioning info storage?
			protected $diff

Maybe this could also be totaly decoupled from the nodedata mapping
and fetched by a getter so the "versioning" table stays total decoupled?
node->getVersioningFinfo() could invoke the versioningRepo?

> == Created/modified dates for nodes ==
> * Initiator(s): Aske Ertmann
> === Background: ===
> Currently there's no timestamps on nodes making it difficult to see when something was created
> or last modified. As a simple solution introducing fields for the two dates that are set automatically would suffice. However there are some challenges when using dates set automatically.
> * Fields:
> ** Modified Date
> ** Creation Date
> ** Published Date *NEW*
> * Modification == Creation on node creation
> * Published Date == NULL on node creation
> * Should a modified date be updated when publishing a proxy node to live? → NO. but we should introduce an additional TimeStamp field for the publish date. Note: That means that a node can get an older modified TS when being published!
> * Should creation date be transferred between workspaces? → YES. should be always transferred.
> * Should existing nodes have default dates set to when applying the migration or set to NULL? → NULL values not allowed for creation & modification dates. → set to DEFAULT DATE.
> * Should copied nodes get a new creation/modification date? → Yes.
> * Field names? e.g. '''creationDate''', created, createdAt, modifiedAt, modificationDate, '''lastModificationDate''', lastModifiedDate, updatedAt
> ** Asset has "lastModified", Account has "creationDate"
> → creationDate
> → lastModificationDate
> → lastPublicationDate
> → additionally (optional): rename “Asset::lastModified”

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