[Neos] A few questions about TYPO3.NEOS

Philipp philippwrann at gmx.at
Tue Jan 28 16:40:42 CET 2014


first of all: thanks for that great piece of software we can all use for free! I am very excited to get into the flow and migrate projects from TYPO3.CMS to neos.

During the development of neos i often downloaded the alphas and now tested the 1.0 release, i am very impressed and will definitly use it in the future and maybe contribute by sharing some packages. For now i have some questions to those with more insight.

Hands down - how far from being something like "enterprise-ready" is neos now?
Speaking of performance, stability and extensibility

How "easy" can i convert an extbase extension into a Flow/Neos Package?

How much power does neos have? Speaking of requests, especially uncached actions? Some simple comparisons with TYPO3.CMS 6.2 would be awesome!

When do you think Neos will cover the best features of TYPO3.CMS (access-restrictions, most common packages like news/forums/subsriptions/etc/etc)?

kind regards,

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