[Neos] Doodle: TYPO3 Neos Code Sprint in March

Sebastian Kurfürst sebastian at typo3.org
Tue Jan 28 16:00:12 CET 2014

Hey everybody,

I'd like to settle on a date for another big code sprint for Neos and
Flow before Inspiring conference. That's why I set up a doodle to fix
the week where we'd like to do it:


Please vote; you can also do this if you are a non-core-member! We
appreciate everybody who'd like to come :-)

As a next step, we'd need to find a location -- does anybody have a
proposal for this?

Greets, Sebastian

PS: I am only available this week; and then I am on holidays/offline for
a little more than three weeks. That's why it would be great to decide
on a date still this week :-)

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