[Neos] Typo3 Neos Performance Issue

Marcin Ryzycki marcin at ryzycki.com
Thu Jan 23 19:43:24 CET 2014

On 2014-01-23 07:58:48 am +0000, Lucas Recknagel said:

> Heyo,
> I´m new at typo3 neos and the concept is perfect for my needs! So 
> thank you for developing this.
> But I installed the cms on my vServer and ist takes about 7.4sec to 
> load the page!
> When I open the Backend Menü it takes about 30sec to load all things 
> from there.
> I have no Idea why this takes so long.
> I´ve included a picture of the chrome developer tools network section, 
> you can see there the long loading time.
> [img]index.php/fa/15871/0/[/img]
> I`ve already checked my server and no other processes running and could 
> slow down the delevery process of neos.
> So I  hope you have an idea to solve this issue, because in this state 
> it is to slow to use it in production environemnt.
> Thank You in previous
> Yours Lucas
> <image>

Hi Lucas

Not enough info to diagnose what might be the reason. And there mighe 
be all sorts of reasons - poor disk performance (Neos by default uses 
file caches A LOT), some PHP configuration issues (maybe you use some 
opcode caching which causes problems?), poorly tuned database etc etc.

Have you tried configure Production environment? Same results?

Have you tried run it on your local machine? Few weeks ago I prepared 
Vagrant for Neos (https://github.com/ryzy/vc-typo3) - you might just 
quickly run it and try / compare configurations with your vServer. 
There's also digitalocean.com branch 
https://github.com/ryzy/vc-typo3/tree/digital-ocean - just provide your 
API keys, do vagrant up and you might try it there. I was testing it 
and even with 512M instance it was running absolutely smoothly 
(although it started using swap). Smoothly - I mean <1s in development 

Marcin Ryzycki
Certified TYPO3 Integrator (2009)


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