[Neos] Status of TYPO3CR localization and first implementation of content dimensions

Christopher Hlubek hlubek at networkteam.com
Sat Jan 18 12:39:41 CET 2014


thanks everybody for the productive Hangout yesterday. I couldn't resist to start hacking an implementation of the content dimensions as a generic solution for the localization problem with fallbacks.

And I have to say it was quite smooth to implement that using the existing localization change. You can find the current status in the (new) change https://review.typo3.org/#/c/26913/, I'll leave the other one (https://review.typo3.org/#/c/26782/) for easier comparison.

All the existing and a new scenario for multiple dimension values on a node variant are running (yeah!) and we can now discuss the implementation before cleaning it up. One general feeling is, that Doctrine ORM might be too much overhead as we also deal with a collection of NodeDimension values per NodeData now. So we should give the idea of moving the inner implementation of the TYPO3CR to Doctrine DBAL another try.

I'm excited that this feature will be very powerful if we can manage to implement it correctly! So we will get very close to personalization and other user visible features instead of just solving the localization problem.



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